We have been asked many times, how much will it cost? The reply astounds most people when we tell them, $0.60 a day. The next question is invariable, what’s the catch? Our reply, no catch. As a Foundation Member, your membership will not increase whilst you remain a member, all the tags are free and you can update your information as many times as required for no charge. So what do you get that’s the most important feature of BERTS medic alert bracelet? Quite simply, peace of mind:

  • knowing that I can share some or all of my medical information
  • knowing that with this information they will be better informed
  • knowing that first responders will be able to identify me immediately
  • knowing that those people I have listed as contacts will be notified
  • knowing that there will be no delays receiving appropriate treatment

These are some of the many reasons that I will have “peace of mind”.

So do you think $0.60 a day is worth it? BERTS Alert Medical ID Bracelet will provide this and more!

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