Martin Stow is the founder and Managing Director of BERTs Alert Medical.

A Yorkshireman, who retired early from the West Yorkshire Police and migrated with his young family to Australia in 1987 where he settled and now resides on the Bellarine Peninsula in Victoria Australia.  For the first year of his arrival he worked at the Bellarine council, and after that has been self-employed.

Martin became a workplace trainer running his own RTO delivering emergency warden training. He started BERT’S in 2017 with a colleague. They recognised the need for video training to be delivered in the field rather than at the workplace. Reporting was introduced following the online training, and emails were sent back to the head office reporting on completion. When asked who would receive the emails, I said, BERT and that’s how the company was started.

A Rotarian since 1989 serving in various positions including President of the Geelong Central Rotary club. A grandfather and married since 1986.

BERTS Alert Medical was inspired after a personal medical episode experienced by martin as a direct result of his Multiple Sclerosis (MS).

Martin had a particularly nasty fall.

In his mind he was screaming for help. Eventually getting to his feet, with blood all over his face.  He got back to his car and drove home.  He realised that at the time nobody really knew what was wrong and he had no way of explaining what had caused it.

He reflected back to his time as a Police Officer and the number of times he wasn’t able to identify a person in an accident. And this started him thinking. He researched the numerous medical alert systems that were available and “NONE” of them were or are capable of providing immediate and relevant medical information and identification to first responders. Some required you to make a telephone call with a code from a device hanging around the neck.

Martin set about creating a system that relies on Near Field Communicators (NFCs), developing bracelets, key tags and stickers. Anyone with a mobile phone in their hand can get access to urgently required medical information. These NFC tags are nothing new to the world but this medical use and application is the first of its kind in the world. Having a Berts Alert medical tag would mean first responders will have access to vital information ensuring the appropriate medical treatment is administered.

BERTS Alert Medical is not only the ideal medical bracelet for people with MS but suitable for a large range of purposes,

BERTS Alert Medical ID Tag was born.

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