Frequently asked questions

Where is the personal health information data I submit stored?

All our forms are served across a protected 256 bit SSL (Secure Socket Layer) connection that uses a SHA256 Certificate. It is industry-standard protection. For the encrypted forms, submissions are encrypted with high-grade RSA 2048 at the user’s computer, then transferred and stored securely on our servers.

For our data servers, they  are co-located in a cloud-based architecture with Google Cloud and Amazon Web Services (AWS). Google Cloud data centers are hosted in Iowa (US). AWS data centers are located both in Germany, Frankfurt (EU), and US, Virginia (US). Hosting the information on these major cloud platforms also provides some extra benefits in means of implementation of security best practices in areas like hardware lifecycle management, physical security, and network infrastructure. Our servers are regularly updated and patched.

Why do I need a BERTS Alert Medical™ when I already have my personal details, including emergency contacts, on my mobile?

While many Australians now have an app on their mobile phone where all the personal details are stored and who should be contacted in the case of an emergency, we posed the following question, “What happens when you don’t have your phone with you, what happens if the phone is switched off and you are unable to enter the access code or perhaps following a fall you can’t remember the code”

The BERT Medical Alert smart chip can be accessed using a smart phone, and you have to be within 8mm or 1/2″ of the chip for it to work. You have peace of mind in knowing that your record can only be accessed by someone very close and even then to look at the more detailed information they would need the access code.

I have a driver’s licence which already has my details on it, why do I need a BERTS Alert Medical™?

Additionally, while many people have told us “they know who I am because I have my driving license with me”, we respond with, yes they will, but do you always have your license with you, and if so do you know which pocket, purse or wallet is it in? Even then it will only identify you if it can be found. When time is of the essence the first responder needs to know who you are, any medical issues, and the necessary contact details. All this is stored securely on BERTS Alert Medical™ smart chip.

Is BERTS Alert Medical™ HIPAA compliant?

BERTS Alert Medicalis fully compliant with the Health Insurance Portability and Accountability Act, which sets the standards around the protection of sensitive patient information. It is essential that all organizations who deal with protected health information are compliant with the requirements of this act, in order to ensure the safety of private patient data.

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