Medical Alert ID Systems

BERTS Alert Medical™ is saving even more lives

Medical Alert bracelets have formed a core part of the medical chain of survival, highlighting life threatening medical conditions early to first aiders and qualified medical personnel. BERTS Alert Medical™ uses technology to advance this information sharing capability in order to save even more lives.

Information is power, and in the case of an emergency, being able to share medical information that could save your life of the life of a loved one is truly paramount. Simply use one of our BERTS Alert™ Smart Cards, Smart Chips, Smart Wrist Bands or Smart Fobs to access your vital information securely in an medical emergency. BERTS Alert™ is a simple measure that can make the world of a difference.

How does BERTS Alert Medical™ work?

All you have to do is carry with you your unique BERTS Alert™ Smart Card or BERTS Alert™ Smart Fob, wear your BERTS Alert™ Smart Wrist Band, or place a BERTS Alert™ Smart Chip on something you always have with you such as a motorcycle helmet or walking frame, and emergency services personnel will be able to scan it and find out everything you want them to know.

Your medical information is stored securely and you can easily update your details at any time.

Don’t put yourself or a loved one at risk.

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What you get with your BERTS Alert Medical™ membership

A 12 month BERTS Alert Medical™ foundation membership includes:

1 x BERTS Alert™ Smart Card

1 x BERTS Alert™ flexible wrist strap

1 x BERTS Alert™ key chain fob

2 x BERTS Alert™ Smart Chips (these can be attached to your cycle/motorbike helmet for example)

BERTS Alert, Mecial bracelet, medical fob, medical smart chips

Unique, secure online member page which you can update at any time, containing the following information:

  • Membership number
  • Date updated
  • ID photograph
  • Member name
  • Member date of birth
  • Member contact details (address, phone, email)
  • Allergies
  • Medical conditions / disabilities (for example epilepsy, MS, autism, learning difficulties, visually impaired)
  • Medications (dosage, history)
  • Advance directives (for example do not attempt resuscitation)
  • Donor instructions
  • GP contact details
  • Up to 6 x emergency contact names & numbers (1 x ICE primary contact, 1 x next of kin, 4 x other)
  • Social services contact details
  • Care worker contact details