NDIS Medical Alert ID Bracelets

BERTS Alert Medical™ medical alert ID bracelets are highly recommended for individuals with disabilities, across a wide variety of types and levels of severity. If you have a disability or are close to someone who is disabled, whether that be physically, mentally or intellectually, investing in an effective medical alert system can be of serious value.

Our medical alert ID systems give ownership of all health records back to the individual, who can share and make available all or part of their records. Differing record systems that are not properly utilised by the medical sector, such as the health records available via the MyGov app are no where near as convenient and integrated as BERTS Alert Medical™.

With these traditional systems, you could be at a hospital or doctors other than your own GP or hospital and they would not have your records. These records are not being updated for many reasons including time and cost and even if they are updated, accessing them can be a challenge for patients. In a modern world, having this control and access to information is the best way forward.

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