There is no other system like the BERTs Alert Medical bracelet that provides immediate access to your health information anywhere in the world today other than that which is in writing, which isn’t secure. Now, that is a bold statement, but our research confirms this. If you are travelling internationally and you need to ensure first responders have immediate access to your medical information a BERTs Alert Medical bracelet

A phone call from someone overseas to your GP will not work. Your GP will not release your medical history to the caller. Even if you are on holiday in your own country, your GP will not disclose your medical history.

If you have a medical condition and you intend to travel and don’t many of us after the last couple of years, then you owe it to yourself to have a BERTS Alert Medical ID Tag.

Going on an overseas holiday, or a cruise to faraway places? Bags packed, passport where needed in hand, money organised. Health insurance, yes, I have that, fantastic. Now what should happen should you have an allergic reaction to some exotic food, collapse or are involved in a road accident, the possibilities are endless and where is your medical information stored and accessible.

BERTS ALERT Medical alert tag is the answer, wherever you are in the world and the first responder, doctor, hospital has access to a smartphone and network, they can scan the tag and get all the medical information needed, that you have decided to store on the system, to be able to treat you correctly. When scanned here is a list of some of the basic information that we can store:

  • Full name
  • language spoken
  • vision impaired
  • hearing impaired
  • autistic
  • learning impaired
  • have a pacemaker,
  • haemophiliac
  • epileptic
  • Type 1 or 2 diabetic

The access code will be made available to you on purchase to share with someone you are travelling within case more detailed medical information stored on the system is needed.